After many years of doing DIY both for myself ,  friends  and a number of years in the  building trade,

I saw a potential gap in the trade,  i.e. those small jobs that main stream builders can’t be bothered with, Putting up that shower rail,  assembling  that flat pack furniture,   painting the outside loo

Repairing the fence that’s been falling down since the high winds

Anything be it a single job taking  30  minutes

Or even your to-do list that’s been hanging up in the kitchen for years getting longer and longer,

We will divide your list into manageable bit size jobs that can be done in conjunction with each other, giving you an opportunity to get those jobs done at a reasonable cost,  not having to call in a plumber ,electrician, carpenter, painter and decorator, gardener, ground worker,

We do everything from start to finish,

Arranging diggers,  skips, we will dispose of all waste developed by us, and leave your  property spick and span,